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Outdoor lighting

Your yard and garden is not a landing field. There is no need to use large quantities of fittings. A small number, judiciously used, can sire a wonderland of shadows and splendour that will make your outdoor, pagola, deck or exterior entertaining area an excellent space to utilise in the evening.

Like the interior there are different types of exterior lighting. Attached or not attached to the house fittings could be 240 volt (mains), 24 volt or 12 volt (both low voltage) generally speaking. Fittings range from wall mounted coach/lantern light in 240v; a small LED 2w ground spike which can be used on a 12v or 24v system; a PVC bollard which uses 240v; a bunker in 240v. It comes down to what you want the fittings/light to accomplish.

If you intend to purchase lights to add to an existing low voltage system you will need to know what type of transformer you have and what you currently have running on it. This way we can work out if there is space on the transformer for the additional lights.

Decorative Lighting

  • Modern lighting
  • Contemporary lighting
  • Period lighting
    Glass light shades, glass pendant lights, glass wall lights, glass ceiling lights, lanterns, floating lantern, rustic ceiling lights, antique lighting fixtures, brass wall lights
  • Antique lighting
  • Tiffany lighting
  • Foyer lighting