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Does Milton Lighting offer a lighting service?

As well as being a retail showroom, Milton Lighting also offer a consultation service for people who are building or renovating and require a lighting/electrical plan. We work from your architectural plans and look at each room/space and work out how you want it lit and what feature lighting you might want – i.e. pendants over an island bench. Our lighting plans are tailored to the light fittings we supply as we are familiar with the light output and function.

Once we have walked through the house with you, we provide you with a quote and if required a marked lighting plan complete with a legend.

It is important to remember that not all lights are created equal and that the lighting plans we offer are only for use with the lights that we can supply and if alternative fittings are used you may not get the same effect or light output.

When you proceed with your lighting plan & quote, we like to know when the lights will be required on site as we like to ensure we have the lights here and ready for you a few weeks beforehand. We mark each light with where they are going so there can be little or no confusion on site and if we deliver your order to site we have a delivery docket system where each light is crossed off and signed for by someone on site.