Interior Lighting

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Pendant lighting

Pendant lights come in innumerable variants whether it be a particular period, say Art Deco or Federation.


While it may be a period in time, using similar lights from the Cape Cod/ Hamptons to update or change your Queenslander is often construed as contemporary. Some Scandinavian styles in bygone days, would have been considered quite modern but now are present-day.

We then come to modern pendants. This can be a slippery slope of definition, as lighting can be quite idiosyncratic. They can range from an iron filigree sphere with multiple lamp holders within, which will create a beautiful pattern on the wall to a cloth cord holding a single globe. A good rule of thumb could be to imagine the practicality of the fixture, for instance, how much light is required in the area and ease of changing globes or cleaning the fitting.

Wall lighting

Wall lighting can be a lovely feature just as pendant lighting. It can be an interesting accent to light a hallway, maybe additional lighting in your dining room. They could be used as bedside fixtures, saving room on your bedside cabinet, keeping clutter clear. There are options for both period and contemporary.

Customised lighting

Milton Lighting can have custom shades made. If you have a table or standing lamp, a new shade is a delightful way to update the piece. We have fabrics available to choose, colossal quantity of sizes with variants down to an inch. Hard back or soft backing (frequently used for silks), both types of lamp holder as well adjustments to recess height and finale fit. You can provide your own fabric and have it made to the size of your choice.

Light fittings are frequently available in different metal finishes. Remember to ask, as sometimes the alternate colours may not be displayed.

Table lights

Table lamps are an elegant addition to any sideboard, bedside cabinet or sunroom setting. They have the capacity to create erudite expression of ones’ taste. They enable you to have additional lighting or produce a warm ambiance for dining or conversation.

Just like pendant or wall lighting there are many types of table or desk lights. Ranging from alluring ceramic bases with exquisite silk shades to an adjustable arm lamp that will provide plenty of clear light for work or study.

Floor lights

In a similar way to table lights, floor lights can produce a more comely atmosphere then general overhead lighting. Is it not romantic to think of the blurred shadows a handsome shaded floor lamp could make in the corner of you living or lounge room?

Perhaps with your next build or renovation contemplate having a GPO wired to a wall switch, so as to switch the lamp on/off from the wall. It will be much easier to control all of you lighting from one point rather than all over the room.