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Can I install any light fitting myself?

Does the law require me to engage an electrician to install my fittings?
Yes, it does. If you install the light fittings yourself or you use products that don’t meet Australian Standards you may be taking the risk that your insurer will not cover any losses should one of your light fittings cause fire.

Installation cost

If you are doing a minor refurbishment, you may need to consider the benefit gained compared to potential outlays. Remember, there may be other associated costs: the cost of the electrician to install may be greater than the cost of the fittings; will you need to engage a plasterer or a painter if you change the position of the lights? Consider to retrofit LED globe to replace halogen globes. You may be able to do this change yourself.

Speak to your electrician, they maybe be able to provide you with a quote beforehand and outline the scope of works required.

How many fittings will you need?

Before buying and installing light fittings, besides determining where lights are needed, also consider ceiling height, room size and how you intend to use the room. What you need in work areas will be different to what you will need in a bedroom or garage. See us at Milton Lighting for more information and see what options are available.

I’ve got raked ceilings. Will that reduce my light fitting options?

Not necessarily. Speak with your retailer and explain your circumstances. Take along some pictures on your phone to show them. The better they understand your environment the broader the options they should be able to suggest to you.

Building Code of Australia (BCA)

  • Minimum efficiency levels
  • Residential requirements:
    • 5 watts per square metre for internal areas, such as bedrooms, living areas and hallways
    • 4 watts per square metre for exterior areas, such as balconies, verandahs, pergola areas
    • 3 watts per square metre for garages

I just want to update my existing lighting, will someone come out to my house?

Yes, Milton Lighting offers an on-site consultation service, there is a $100.00 charge for us to come out on site. This involves us coming out and talking to you about your existing lights, what you would like to see in their place, what style and type of lights you want and whether or not it’s achievable. After our visit, we then send through a quote and images of the suggested light fittings.