Cleaning your light fittings

Cleaning your light fittings main image Cleaning your light fittings image

Just like anything else in your home, dust will settle on your light fittings. From week to week a light dusting will keep these fittings looking fresh, but at longer intervals a wash with a moist cloth will help to remove any dust build-up. Before cleaning ensure the lights are turned off and avoid excessive moisture. Allow time for any dampness to evaporate before using the light fittings again. With chandeliers, spraying a fine water mist over the crystals using a spray bottle will help remove loose dust particles, but then use a hair dryer to dry the remaining moisture allowing sufficient time for all moisture to evaporate before the chandelier is switched on.

RubGum Lampshade Cleaner. Use this dry cleaning sponge to clean your fabric lampshades. Rubgum brand dry cleaning "puff" is excellent for silk, rayon, cotton, parchment, suede, etc. and is harmless to colours, materials, and hands. No chemicals needed.