Bathroom Lighting

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When it comes to lighting up your bathroom, there are several key things to consider.

  • Who is the main user of the bathroom?
  • How would you like it lit?
  • Do you want the lighting to be a feature or just a discreet fitting to provide light?
  • What style is your bathroom?

These questions will help with the selection of the light fittings.

For general lighting you have the option of using LED downlights or a central surface mounted light. This may depend on your ceiling as to what option you go for. Sometimes units/apartments have concrete ceilings, which will mean you have touse something surface mounted as opposed to recessed.

It is important to ensure that you light the bathroom mirror so that the light is in front of you rather than behind you as not to get shadows when applying make-up or shaving.

If you wish to make a feature out of your mirror lighting, you have several options to consider. You can put wall lights either side of the mirror or you can have a light centred above the mirror. These can be switched separately at the vanity to provideadditional lighting when necessary.

To light the vanity/mirror area without using wall lights you can use an LED downlight and have it installed directly over the plughole of the vanity sink. This ensures that the light source is in front of you. At Milton Lighting we have a variety of bathroom lighting on display and we are more than happy to go over your options in store with you.

Exhaust fans and heat/light/fan units

Another thing to consider when doing your bathroom lighting is whether or not you would like an exhaust or a heat/light/fan unit.

It is vital to ensure exhausting capacity and whether it is suitable for the size for your room. Each type/brand of exhaust has its own capacity and formula for working out which model suits the room size. Some exhaust fans have an IP rating which enables them to be installed directly above the shower cubicle.

The function of the Heat lamps in a 3 in 1 is to warm the body not the room, so the best place to have it installed is where you envision you will be drying of after bathing.

The selection of your heat/light/fan unit can sometimes be limited to the ceiling space you have as each model requires clearance above it. ome like the IXL Neo unit needs to be framed in and are required on site